American Photographer Michael Dweck Reveals Secret Life Of Cuba's Creatives

By Nick Schonberger

Previously covered, Michael Dweck: Habana Libre documents Cuba's often hidden creative class. Beautiful people all, his subjects live in a seductive and privileged world that evokes 70s era Studio 54 glamour. They are Cuba's artists, film makers, models, and musicians. Dweck, through personal connection, is one of few outsiders to have access to this group.

And, he's also the first American contemporary artist to mount a solo exhibition in Cuba. Habana Libre moved from the pages of Dweck's book to the walls of the Fototeca de Cuba Museum over the weekend. The opening drew thousands, including Alex Castro (son of Fidel) and Camilo Guevara (son of Che).

The exhibition will remain on view through March 24, 2012.The book, Michael Dweck: Habana Libre is avialable for $65. 

Fototeca de Cuba Museum, Mercaderes 307, Habana Vieja, Plaza Vieja, Havana, Cuba

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