American Beauty: These Stunning Photos Prove Montauk is the Ultimate Summer Destination

By Carrie Goldberg

We never want summer to end thanks to Photographer Michael Dweck's new book, The End: Montauk N.Y.

Michael Dweck, an American photographer, filmmaker and visual artist has released his most recent book on the American beauties spotted on the shores of his second home in Montauk, New York. We understand his obsession–we think the easternmost point of the Hamptons is just as dreamy. Here, Dweck shares a selection of his work along with a short essay he penned for The End: Montauk N.Y. exclusively with Read his words below and keep scrolling for a selection of his inspiring photos that will have you craving an all-American, free-spirited summer.

"Like most of my work, The End: Montauk, N.Y. started as an attempt to build creative walls around a very particular, cloistered scene–its characters, its setting, its lifestyle, etc.–and then, from that, capture an idealized impression on that scene.

"I didn't want to be the documentarian that explains a foreign world, nor the insider bragging about his haunts, but rather a filmmaker, in a sense, who actually transports you to new environs, immerses you in a place and time, and tells a story in the process. At that point in time, when I was working on the collection, this type of narrative work wasn't really being done in fine art – but I knew I couldn't really do justice to Montauk – both as I knew it and imagined it – without approaching it as something with a plot…

"Montauk is one of those places that just feels different. You don't have to tell a first-timer that they're going somewhere special, because they can just get out of the car and feel it. And that's still there. It's something intangible – and for that matter ineffable. You can't explain it, and you can't erase it. That's my Montauk: That's what developers can't destroy, and tourists can't tread over… It's a feeling that you get at Ditch Plains, or talking to a fisherman before a storm, or just staring out at the sea at sunrise. Something about the community, the natural beauty, the lifestyle…" —Michael Dweck

The End: Montauk, N.Y. by Michael Dweck is available for purchase at Ditch Plains Press.

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