by Alice Lanzani

ROME - The United States has literally gone mad for Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw's The Truffle Hunters. A dazzling love that first sent the Sundance Film Festival into ecstasy and then the New York Film Festival. But what is it about? Produced by Luca Guadagnino, it is a documentary about Italian truffle hunters in the company of faithful four-legged friends. Specifically, the documentary follows a group of men in Piedmont, ranging from seventy to eighty, engaged in the search for the unobtainable Alba truffle. They are guided by a secret culture passed down through generations and the noses of their beloved expertly trained dogs.

Not only that, the documentary delicately explores the devastating effects of climate change and deforestation on a centuries-old tradition through a jaw-dropping narrative that celebrates life and exalts the human spirit. Set in the beautiful setting of the countryside and the woods of Piedmont, from Langhe to Monferrato, Dweck and Kershaw's film premiered at the 39th Torino Film Festival, before arrival in Italian cinemas. An advice? Don't miss it. Because, as The Hollywood Reporter put it: “The Truffle Hunters is beautiful. Unique. Delightful. A visual poem. A continuous joy for the eyes and nourishment for the soul."

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