Filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw ventured deep in the forests near Alba, Italy for their documentary, The Truffle Hunters. This region is known for its rare white truffles, fetching thousands of dollars for the acclaimed delicacy. The methods of where and how to find truffles is a closely guarded secret. This small group of elderly men seek them in darkness, hiking for miles with their dogs and covering their tracks so no one knows where they go. The film is beautifully composed and uses mostly natural light. The filmmakers chose to keep the camera on a tripod and to observe the subjects at a distance, except for special leather harness rigs for POV doggy-cams that Dweck and Kershaw had specially made.

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired worldwide rights to The Truffle Hunters for $1.5 million.

Instagram: @thetrufflehuntersfilm

Find Michael Dweck  Twitter: @michaeldweck

Listen to the full interview here (interview starts on minute 32:25)

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